Majamaja story


The inspiration for majamaja comes from the Finnish archipelago, it’s human scale building tradition and the life harmony between human and nature.

In respect to this foundation, we apply a holistic approach that combine green energy use, clean water autonomy and a circular water clean-up, with resource-optimised and functional space-use. This combines with the use of healthy building materials, timeless aesthetics and high-quality finishing.

Energy and water autonomy for the modern living functions and equipment is a great challenge for our societies. Today it’s possible to be off-the-grid with the expected comfort through a responsible user approach that helps to optimise both the production and consumption of energy and water. The real eco-educational learning is to avoid the careless or excessive consumption allowed by the grid

Today we have a team of international experts designing eco-living solutions for off-grid land development projects.

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Tuomas Autio

CEO & Co-founder

Pekka Littow

Architect & Co-founder


Vincent Monteux

Head of Technology & Co-founder

Malak Yacoubi Soussane